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Insurance companies hire a variety of majors. Through the Insurance minor at Illinois State, students have the ability to enhance their employment opportunities within the insurance field.

Why Study Insurance?

The financial aspects of insurance involve the accumulation and management of premium dollars to promptly and fairly settle claims and to profitably operate the company. Because this function is quite broad, individuals are needed to locate buyers of policies, screen potential buyers, pay claims, and manage company funds. Individuals with insurance expertise may choose careers advising businesses how to effectively handle insurance risks rather than working for insurance companies. Though insurance is a financial field, insurance companies need the technical and extensive data processing support which is carried by computer scientist and actuaries.

Application Information

Minors can only be declared by current Illinois State students. Current students can use the Apply to Your Program tool on

Application Period

Applications for the Insurance minor are available September 1‒30 and February 1‒28.

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