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History has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the best teaching departments in the university; small class sizes at the 200 and 300 level insure constant student-faculty interaction. We offer close to 100 exciting undergraduate courses ranging from ancient Greece to the modern Middle East, from the French Revolution to World War II and the Holocaust.

Students enjoy unique learning experiences, such as having joint classes (via videoconferencing) with the American University in Cairo or by going on study abroad trips.

The department has an active History club and chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (the History honors society). Quality student work gets published in the journal Recounting the Past, and students regularly do valuable internships at the David Davis Mansion or the McLean County Museum of History.

History students receive a classic liberal arts education that can serve as a stepping stone for nearly any career, whether in education, law, government, journalism, or business. Our students possess valuable skills—adaptability, broad knowledge, analytical and research abilities, and excellence in written and oral communication—that employers find attractive. History and a liberal arts background fosters habits of lifelong reading, critical inquiry, and a curiosity about other cultures as well as the human condition in general. We prepare people for responsible citizenship and a fulfilling life.

A Minor in History requires 21 credit hours, with a minimum of 12 credit hours in upper division courses (200 or 300 level).

Why Study History?

History is a narrative account of political, social, and cultural events and achievements of mankind. Historians evaluate and analyze documents and records relating to the deeds and aspirations of past generations and use this knowledge to understand and interpret the present. Students studying history will develop strong research, writing, analytical thinking, and communication skills.

Application Information

Minors can only be declared by current Illinois State students. Current students can use the Apply to Your Program tool on

Application Period

Applications always accepted.

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