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Students in the Geology minor develop and exercise critical thinking, writing, and quantitative skills. The curriculum provides a balance between traditional, liberal arts, and technical/analytical skills. The main thrust of instruction continues to be in practical and applied geology. Our students are provided with ample experience in the field through course field trips and summer field courses. Other practical skills are learned in the classroom laboratory.

Why Study Geology?

Geology is the science devoted to understanding the history of the Earth and the processes that continues to shape the planet today. Geologists identify earth materials, analyze forces that act within the earth to produce major features of the earth's crust, identify processes that sculpt surface features; identify and explore resources that are vital to modern societies, and apply this knowledge to solve industrial and societal problems.

Application Information

Minors can only be declared by current Illinois State students. Current students can use the Apply to Your Program tool on

Application Period

Applications always accepted.

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